When many of us think of the construction industry, we picture workers dangling from scaffolding half a mile above city streets, roads being paved, bridge builders or contractors and their crews applying shingles to new houses. However, “construction” also includes a number of niche areas and specialty trades we don’t often think about. DDK works with almost all aspects of this industry from the ones we all know to those most of us don’t.

We provide services to many facets of this challenging, stressful industry, offering tax planning, attest and assurance, consulting for banking and surety needs, as well as business management services like executive searches, succession planning and assistance with forming joint ventures.

Most sectors of this industry are subject to flux and some are highly volatile, frequently tied to the boom and bust cycles associated with real estate. With DDK’s expert guidance, our construction industry partners are better able to manage cash flow, project profitability and otherwise smooth out the bumps in their industry’s often-bumpy road.