The fashion and apparel industry is facing a challenging market, with consumers becoming increasingly selective in their purchases, eliminating many non-essentials, while occasionally splurging on luxury items. Understanding the retail market, anticipating trends and managing inventory is essential to success in this environment.

At DDK, we have a number of veteran partners with years of experience in – and a deep knowledge of – the fashion/apparel industry. This thorough grasp of a constantly changing field means we know how to advise apparel and other retail industry clients on cost issues, manufacturing topics and logistics.

By serving clients across many areas, including wholesalers, manufacturers, importers and even distribution centers, DDK’s partners understand the full scope of the apparel industry, from day-to-day business challenges to long-term planning.

Accountants for Models

We’ve also developed a niche working with fashion industry professionals, including runway, catalogue and high-fashion models, young professionals facing a unique set of challenges. In some ways high-earning models cope with situations similar to those of professional athletes, who also earn large salaries during a short window of time early in their careers. We assist these busy young professionals in innumerable ways, from maximizing deductions to financial planning for the days when their modeling careers end.

Across the fashion industry, we help clients analyze overhead, evaluate and purchase new IT and software, and pursue additional credits. We also understand the vital importance of managing and controlling costs within the supply chain, including raw materials (cotton, wool, base materials for synthetics) and textiles. With DDK on their side, clients report improved ROI through inventory reductions, and savings relating to warehousing, shipping, and size scale management.