TV shows and glossy magazines show the dramatic and exciting aspects of the restaurant and hospitality industries, but we understand the hard work, long hours, planning and ingenuity that go into transforming a food service enterprise into a success.

Lease negotiations, cost analyses for food, beverages and other essential supplies, food and hospitality industry-wide benchmarking, business valuation, thorough assessment of internal controls, and finding new & better ways to track inventory, as well as our elite tax planning and compliance, are among the essential services DDK offers clients in the food, beverage and hospitality industries.

DDK helps these clients manage essential day-to-day issues, from the proper allocation and reporting of tips and sales tax to putting in place the controls necessary to detect and even prevent cash and inventory fraud. We also develop and manage systems to help food service clients of all sizes monitor budgets and cash flow.

Our industry experts advise clients on the financial benefits and drawbacks of leasing or buying equipment, such as commercial ovens, refrigeration equipment, walk-in freezers, and then help them negotiate the most favorable terms.

Through close partnerships, DDK provides restaurants, grocers, caterers, distributors and hospitality industry businesses guidance to achieve their long-term goals, while managing the essential day-to-day financial issues that make these challenging businesses tick.