In today’s constantly changing medical environment, staying on top of all the disparate financial, accounting, tax compliance and other management challenges associated with running a medical or dental practice can become a full-time job. DDK’s professionals understand. We work with a range of medical professionals, providing elite consulting services and a high level of personal service.

Tax planning and accounting services for medical practices and facilities are just part of the bigger picture. DDK also provides assistance with selecting and monitoring systemized billing, as well as consulting with respect to employee agreements, partnership agreements and mergers & acquisitions.

We help medical and dental practice clients analyze the long-range benefits and possible unexpected costs of purchasing new equipment or expanding their practices by adding new patient services, bringing in additional staff, refurbishing facilities or acquiring new space.

Medicine and dentistry are true callings. DDK makes the business needs of physicians and dentists a priority so these clients can focus their energy and skills on helping patients, not monitoring billing and payroll issues.