With innumerable expenses overwhelming their ledgers, overseeing a manufacturing business in 21st Century America is a challenge. At DDK, we keep abreast of all the tax and business advantages available to small- and medium-scale manufacturers in many sectors, including specialty industries.

A number of DDK partners have more than two decades experience advising manufacturers; they’ve seen changes in American industry, and understand this sector’s long-term concerns, while keeping abreast of all the current deductions available to enterprising businesses.

DDK offers tax compliance and consulting services, assurance and a long list of essential accounting services to our manufacturing industry clients, as well as advice on capitalization, financing consulting and even succession planning.

Consultants Help Clients Optimize Deductions

Working with DDK advisors, manufacturing clients optimize all the current local, state and federal tax credits, exemptions and deductions available, and when business publications such as Forbes print headlines like “Surprise Changes to R&D Tax Rule is Big Help to Small Businesses,” DDK is prepared to help our clients take full advantage.

With our guidance, manufacturers tap into all the research and development (R&D) tax credits available to their specific industries, and know whether it’s smarter to take these deductions in one calendar year or to amortize the expenses over several years. DDK helps manufacturing industry clients optimize job credits, employment tax credits and the domestic production activity deduction (DPAD), often overlooked by individual taxpayers and small businesses.

For manufacturers fighting to stand strong, managing costs and optimizing deductions are essential to remaining domestically and globally competitive.