While we address non-profits as a single category, the range of organizations that fall within this special tax classification are almost as varied as the rest of the industries DDK serves. This category includes charitable, religious, membership, professional and trade organizations. Research organizations, academic & educational institutions, as well as private and public foundations also fall within this category.

Usually run by passionate, multitasking teams that achieve amazing results on long hours and limited budgets, DDK makes it possible for these clients to focus on their missions, while we provide the tax, accounting, assurance and other key services they need to operate at maximum efficiency. Other not-for-profit services include: business plans, budgeting, internal controls, evaluation of grant provisions, and reviews of operational and financial systems.

DDK’s advisors work with non-profit managers to recruit new staff and trustees, avoid conflicts of interest and address other legal and human resource issues. Non-profits face a sea of state and federal regulations and we assure our clients’ annual 990 filings are complete and filed on time. We also provide 990 filing feedback and oversight.

We encourage charities, foundations, associations and other non-profit organizations facing accounting, compliance or management challenges to contact DDK for insights into the many ways in which we can help their organizations flourish.