We stay on top of changes in the industries we serve, and few categories are evolving faster than real estate, especially in New York City. Across the real estate industry, our professionals understand this field from many perspectives.

DDK’s partners are adept at limiting risk, analyzing investment property options, handling green compliance issues and finding & analyzing transactions involving alternative forms of financing.

A Cross-Section of Clients

DDK’s professionals work with clients in many aspects of the real estate, including large-scale investors, management companies, Co-op and Condo Associations, as well as owners, operators and real estate developers.

For these clients, we make sure they’re taking advantage of all the local, state and federal tax credits available to them. We also provide due diligence, internal controls, transactional structuring, cost segregation analysis, profitability analysis, defeasance analysis, and assistance with structuring the best form of ownership for foreign owners of properties in New York. This often entails consideration of treaties with the foreign buyer’s resident country as well as the particular client’s expected use of the property and exit strategy.

For real estate investment trusts, we offer consulting services; for co-op boards and management organizations, DDK provides common area maintenance studies. For all of our clients, DDK offers mortgage financing consulting services. We enjoy working with potential clients in the real estate industry and welcome the opportunity to meet with new clients to discuss ways in which our expertise can make their lives easier and their businesses more profitable.