From family friendly diners, take-out restaurants, bakeries, small caterers and event planners to upscale eateries, restaurant associations and a variety of successful chains, DDK business advisors understand the demands, frustrations and ultimate satisfaction experienced by providers across many aspects of the food services industry. Food is a passion for these clients and helping them achieve their goals is our commitment.

We offer profitability planning and cost analysis, inventory management and thorough reviews of internal controls, branding and licensing rights, as well as rent and long-term lease negotiations. If necessary, DDK stands by our clients’ sides during Department of Labor and sales tax audits.

Serving a high quality product is only one of the countless challenges faced by restaurant owners, managers and staff. Long hours, narrow margins, management issues and fluctuating expenses often make success elusive is this competitive field. Call today to learn how DDK’s restaurant industry expertise gives our clients an edge.