In many ways, America has evolved from a manufacturing economy to one led by intellectual property, with the majority of firms listed on Standard & Poor’s 500 based on “intangible assets.” Tech startups – including a few household names that have evolved into the world’s largest companies – have led this charge.

DDK’s business and tax advisors work with a wide range of startups in software development, telecommunications, e-Commerce, digital media, and clean technology, among other technology industry fields.

Sage Advice for Businesses in Crucial Development Stages

We group “technology” and “startups” together because so many IP-based firms are young companies, experiencing the growing pains associated with businesses in their infancy and “awkward years.” And one challenge almost all startups face is negotiating the best terms during the funding and financing stages of their development – DDK offers sage counsel during these crucial negotiations.

Our business consulting services also include licensing audits, royalty audits, strategic structuring and planning, assistance with business plan development, internal controls, due diligence and other services associated with successful mergers & acquisitions.

Of course, DDK also provides accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting services to our technology clients and other startup firms, as well as consulting for compensation arrangements, identification of local, state and federal tax credits.

Strong tax and business advice is essential to all businesses, but especially to startups, many of which stumble or fall during their early years, often because they make poor decisions without seeking outside counsel. DDK welcomes the opportunity to work with these young, energetic firms.