Immigrants from all nations have built America’s economy, and our strong financial structure owes a lot to The Netherlands. Their sound business and trade practices served as the basis for many aspects of New York’s current strength in banking and commerce. Though small, the Netherlands continues to be a business powerhouse.

DDK has built a powerful alliance with The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in New York, which provides an impressive selection of services to both startups and Dutch companies looking to expand into North America.

The Chamber’s team of proven entrepreneurs and savvy networkers works one-on-one with startups to develop and execute their strategies for entering the New York regional market. Its consultants help ambitious startups test their business models, develop offerings and even assist them in finding leads that convert into pilot clients for their fledgling businesses.

The Netherlands Chamber and its partners provide an impressive selection of services including business & marketing strategy, business operations, legal, new media, as well as more traditional marketing services. The Chamber also offers accounting, tax & financial management services and training services. For many of these service areas, the chamber helps new businesses get up to speed and then we take over, providing long-term services and support as these new businesses evolve into long-term DDK clients.

DDK is proud of our relationship with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and welcomes the opportunity to discuss opportunities this relationship presents with new as well as existing clients.