DDK provides accounting services to small and mid-sized companies, enterprising startups, non-profits and privately held/family-owned businesses in many industries, including hospitality, legal services, manufacturing, real estate and technology. We’re also the accounting firm of choice for athletes, artists and entertainers in a number of fields.

Strong, effective accounting systems are essential to the financial health of businesses and individuals, because benchmarking, personnel evaluations, securing additional funding and other business practices all depend on reliable, accurate financial statements.

Progressive Levels of Assurance

Based on client need, DDK provides several levels of assurance, beginning with compilation services, progressing through reviews and then to high-level audits, in which our accountants perform analytical, verification and substantiation procedures.

DDK verifies that our clients’ financial statements are in compliance with federal laws and regulations (including 2002’s Sarbanes-Oxley act), so that they can provide complete and thoroughly accurate reports of their liabilities, assets, debts, and expenses to the SEC, their shareholders (for those firms that are publicly traded) and their board of directors at any time.

More than Four Decades of Client Trust

Our individual, family and business clients all know that strong accurate financials are more than a requirement for successful short-term business operations, they’re the foundation for intelligent, long-term planning.

For more than 40 years, accounting services have been the cornerstone of DDK’s business, and our growing menu of business consulting services is built on the foundation of healthy financial reporting. Reach out today to learn how strong accounting services can improve your business or personal finances.