We like to view audits as opportunities, not punishment, especially when we’re managing a voluntary audit rather than assisting while the IRS reviews a client’s tax return. Audits are useful management tools that help DDK’s clients analyze their business practices and simplify their processes to run more smoothly. Many times we’ve seen a thorough audit have a strong positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

DDK performs audits for privately held firms, compliance, royalty and employee benefit plans audits, as well as reporting for international financial reporting standards and dozens of the generally accepted U.S. auditing standards.

We offer these services in a wide range of industries, from apparel and retail to real estate and medical services providers, among others.

DDK’s assurance services usually begin with a pre-audit to better understand how a client’s business functions. This process paves the way for the full audit and usually makes sure that nothing extraordinary or unexpected turns up during the full audit.
Sometimes, we even find that a full audit isn’t necessary. In these cases, DDK can review financial statements and provide a judicious amount of assurance to make certain statements are prepared correctly.

All of our audit services help clients sleep better at night, assuring their staff, investors and business partners that their business is operating on firm financial footing.