Laymen often confuse bookkeeping and accounting, and there is some overlap between the two services. Essentially, bookkeeping is the first step in the accounting process and refers to the practice of recording financial transactions, including payments, purchases, sales and receipts. Bookkeepers are responsible for maintaining their employer’s ledger on a day-to-day basis; accountants then create reports and file tax returns based on the bookkeeping reports.

When requested, DDK provides all-inclusive bookkeeping and accounting services for our clients. For others, we work closely with their in-house bookkeepers to deliver comprehensive accounting, often developing best-practices training programs for their bookkeepers as well. We offer a range of services, from basic bookkeeping and accounting to in-depth auditing to financial modeling and in-house training for bookkeeping and accounting staff.

From Sage & Quickbooks to In-depth Analysis

We have extensive expertise in all levels of Sage Peachtree® bookkeeping, invoicing and payroll software, the most popular option for small and mid-sized businesses. We’re also highly experienced QuickBooks® Pro Advisors.

If your company already uses QuickBooks or Sage, we offer assistance with data entry, backing up data and other services that can save your staff time. We can also implement additional financial software programs or create hosted solutions tailored to specific financial reporting needs

Beyond basic accounting services, DDK offers in-depth financial data analysis. Our consulting services strengthen bookkeeping, overall financial operations and accounting/bookkeeping controls in ways that not only enhance financial reporting, but also give our clients a sharper picture of their overall financial situation.