For solo practitioners, small offices and businesses of up to 250 employees, DDK’s Information Technology team provides impactful, cost-efficient solutions by upgrading existing technology or developing new solutions that address IT issues without overwhelming our clients’ bottom lines.

Fully aligned with the mission of our parent company, DDK InfoTech emphasizes select, long-term personal service.

We enjoy working with growing firms, adapting information technology solutions as needs evolve, always implementing better technology, tools and strategies to make their businesses run at peak efficiency.

Our diverse services include Managed IT, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Cloud Services, Improving Online Visibility and Web Development.

Conversion assistance, evaluation and implementations, package upgrades, procedures development, process design and project management are among other principal services.

A Silent Partner

At DDK InfoTech, when we take on new clients, we begin by getting to know their businesses thoroughly, using this detailed information to tailor solutions for their specific needs.

However, like secret agents, the best IT firms are virtually invisible over the long-term, because when we’re doing our jobs well, clients shouldn’t know we’re there. Once essential solutions are in place (including backup and business continuity services), DDK InfoTech often becomes a silent partner, solving IT problems around the clock, often without interrupting service.