Managing state and local taxes can be a particular challenge for businesses, especially those with locations in multiple states. These laws can be intricate and deceptive, but many also offer incentives and refund opportunities for the businesses we represent.

DDK believes in meeting these tax challenges aggressively by staying on top of changing legislation in New York and in neighboring states that directly impacts our business clients. These efforts are vital because local and state taxes often make up a large portion of business tax liability.

We offer a number of services to limit our clients’ state and local taxes, including local/state compliance review, as well as income & franchise tax planning to limit state tax liabilities. DDK also investigates opportunities to receive business tax incentives and refunds through reverse sales and use tax audits and utilization review to uncover little known credits, exemptions and incentives. Contact us to learn if your business is overlooking opportunities to reduce its state and local tax rates.