While most of us think of taxes as something to avoid paying or even thinking about, if possible, DDK knows that the more time and effort a client invests in researching their tax future, the happier they’ll be down the road. Our expert partners have a thorough knowledge of the regulations, codes and various rulings that could impact our clients in the short-term and during the decades to come.

For individual tax clients, startups and business owners who’ve been in operation for many years, DDK presents new strategic options as their tax situations change. What’s right for a client today may not be the best strategy in the future as businesses expand or face unexpected bumps in the road. DDK’s tax research and planning services also help our individual clients as they approach life’s challenges, from investing for retirement, planning for a child’s education, or making important career transitions.

Other services in this area include estate and retirement planning, assistance with business start-ups, reviewing personal and business insurance policies, and delineating the tax implications of business mergers and acquisitions, among other services.